Types of Damage That You Need to Repair Your Siding


Types of Damage That You Need to Repair Your Siding

If you are experiencing any sort of structural damage in your home due to structural damage caused by water, or you just have old siding falling on top of you, then you should consider repairing it with stucco. Stucco can be applied to many different types of siding, such as asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, wood shakes and vinyl sheathing. These siding repairs can also be done to vinyl siding, but you need to be careful because the stucco may penetrate through the vinyl siding and cause structural damage, which will require a different type of repair.

Depending on what type of damage you have, you may not need to do much stucco at all, or you may need to do quite a bit of it if the damage is extensive and needs to be corrected before you can move forward with the rest of the project. For example, if you just have some drywall falling off of the wall, you probably don’t need to repair it unless you have drywall repair sprayers, drywall anchors and stapler in your home. The same goes for when you notice a section of shingle falling down over your home and you only need to repair that area with stucco, but you need to make sure that it doesn’t penetrate through to the wood shakes and vinyl siding that are on top of your home. In this instance, you should consider replacing the shingles, vinyl siding, or wood shakes with new materials and use stucco to fill in the void left by the damaged materials.

Another thing that you need to know about the different types of damage is how much damage it will cause. You need to know the different types of damage because depending on what type of damage it is, how much damage it will cause, and what type of repair that you will need, you need to know the different types of damage so that you can plan the different repairs for the various types of damage. There are several different types of damage and you will need to decide which one you need to fix before you can begin to do the repair.

One type of damage that you can do is drywall cracking due to water penetration or rotting due to weathering. You need to repair the drywall cracks with stucco if the drywall cracks are big enough and if it is rotting because there are several different ways to treat rotting from different kinds of materials and the process differs with each type of rotting, such as with rotting wood. You will also want to repair the cracks caused by moisture in case you have a leaky roof or if you have rain water damage in your home because you will need to repair that.

Some damage is cosmetic, such as cracked paint, while others are structural. If your walls have cracked due to moisture or weathering and you are not fixing that type of damage, you will need to repair the crack with the same stucco that was used on your walls to repair your walls before you do any other type of repair. This includes repairing the drywall that is being repaired as well as the drywall below the drywall.

Another damage that is often done when a homeowner is fixing their home is the appearance of the siding. If the stucco is not the right color of the wall, then it will look different than it did in the original picture and you will want to repair that siding before you repair the whole wall. If you are making changes to the walls, you will want to repair the siding first, then finish the wall with the siding. If the damage is too large to be fixed, you will need to repair it with new siding and then finish with the new siding.