Nowadays, using camera for surveillance is so popular that almost all companies, organizations, schools, universities and even houses equip it as the most important device for keeping secure. In particular, in companies, for example, the cameras are set up in all the departments so that the security branch can observe all the activities of the employees. I have visited quite lot sites and consulted in a lot of posts which talk about camera for safety and I found out that this device has been used in many points and in many fields. To make it clear, in this article, I will gather all the information and separate it into specific parts for each purpose of using the camera. SECURITY FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES

  1. In companies and offices

Almost all the departments and rooms in the company have a camera to observe and embrace all what happens. In fact, each company is facilitated with security cameras for the purpose of preventing thieves and spies. It is clear that many organizations bride the employees to steal the confidential documents of the company such as the plan for the next year or the strategies to attract excellent and talented people or administration and so forth. Of course the spies can only take action at night when all people leave the company for their home. Even though the spies can disguise so that no one recognize them, by watching and analyzing what the camera records, there is likelihood that we will figure out who the spies are.

One another purpose is that the camera helps the company to keep their employees under their surveillance. If there is any mistake or mess in the employees’ behavior, the administration department can issue suitable policies and workarounds to change the situation better. This is an ideal idea to use a security system for following and monitoring the employees.

In addition to this, the camera is used to record the visual images and video signals of a meeting, a conference or a party of the company. Watching those videos, the company will know how well they hold the meeting or party, through which they can have better plan for the next time.

  1. In universities and schools

Universities and schools are places where often have violence among students. Recording all those happenings will help the administration branch of the schools issue more appropriate methods to control their students. Apart from this, nowadays, in a lot of areas, the behavior of teachers and students is deteriorating on the grounds that the policies to encourage or punish the right or wrong treatment in schools are too loose. This is the main reason for the worse quality of education in these schools. The use of security camera will provide evidence to accuse people who have behaved badly.

One important application of the camera in schools is that in examinations or tests in the class, the device can record all the actions of students and will point out who uses not – allowed materials. Knowing that there is surveillance cameras, students will not dare to use any materials if they are not permitted to use. Therefore, they will learn harder to gain better results after each semester.

  1. In private houses

We cannot deny the significance of a camera keeping security in our houses. As the number of social evils is rising, we have to watch out for them all the time. Families who are wealthy often have to deal with thieves and stealers. On several special occasions, the thieves will take full advantage of the home owners’ ignorance to intrude into the house and look for the treasure, money and other valuable assets. Therefore, we ought to have an effective method to prevent such unexpected happenings. In this part, I will tell more about what we should do to increase the safety for our own houses.SECURITY CAMERA FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES

Equip the security camera

Of course, equipping a system with security system and other supporting devices is essential. The devices will record and collect all the images and videos for us to analyze and find out suspicious persons in case our houses are broken into.

Avoid the thieves

We all know that the thieves are fear of being detected but in several cases, if any member in your families recognizes them, they may hold him/ her as a hostage and threaten him/ her to give them valuable objects and then may kill him/ her to delete the clue. Therefore, in case we see the thieves on the camera, we had better hide in a secret place that they cannot find out. Also, it is necessary to keep calm and remember not to make noise otherwise the thieves will figure out us.

Create a sign for all members in your families

In case you are the right person to recognize the thieves and you want to inform all members in your family but you cannot find all of them, the best way is to reveal the sign that is unified before by your family. If you say too much, the thieves will find you. The sign should be secret. It can be some words but make sure that when you say the words, the thieves cannot know that they are detected. However, in emergent case, you can inform your family that there are thieves and tell them escape from the house.

Build a secret room

In fact, each family should have a secret room. This room can be used to store old things or confidential things of your families. In addition, it can be the secret settlement for you when your house is put in danger. The room should have a disguised door and lie in a secret position which no one doubts. Also, you need to prepare several simple weapons to deal with the thieves as the last resort.

As you can see we can use the camera for a lot of purposes. When you understand the importance of this device, you can consider its qualifications to decide to buy it. Or if your family has one camera, you can also consult in my sharing to use it more effectively.


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