best single speed bikesThere are many ways to keep fit physically but nowadays people are forgetting to take time out for themselves. Who has the time to visit a gym or even hire a fitness trainer to keep the body fit, when the brain is totally exhausted after a hard day at work? Of course, there are fun ways to exercise to get some fresh air as well as maintain a healthy regime. Cycling on the roads is a fun way, particularly in a group, wouldn’t you say? This article deals with the Road Bike Sizing or the correct measurements of the best single speed bikes which you need to take while making a final purchase.

Inseam measurement is a necessary factor while purchasing a bike and for it, you don’t need to get embarrassed. Talk separately to a sales clerk in the cycle shop and ask him for the information charts and models of the cycles which are put on display. The inseam measurement is the required length of the postural internal thigh to the ground level of the cycle. The proper inseam measurement can aid you to take a comfortable seat while bicycling and enjoy the ride as well. You must be wondering as to how to get the inseam measurements.

Road Bike SizingTaking the inseam measurements

The necessary things for taking your inseam measurement include a notebook, a pencil and measuring tape. Get a friend to assist you with the entire procedure. Remove your footwear and stand with your back against the wall. Your heels need to be pushed up along the wall and don’t lose your balance. It means that you would need to stand very straight, else the measurements will not be accurate. Now take the notebook and position it in a vertical alignment, between your legs, in place of the bike saddle.

Your friend needs to take a note of the top of the notebook to the ground level. The dimensions should be recorded in centimeters. It can be best if the entire process is repeated a few times so that the measurements can be as accurate as possible. The most appropriate inseam measurement can come closer to getting the right road bike sizing.

Choosing the right road bicycle

Actually when it comes to different companies, the choice of the right Road Bike Sizing can be somewhat tricky. It is because two same models of the separate companies have different measurements but the user should take one which suits him the best. It can be even better if you get a trial ride to see which kind of bicycle suits you more appropriately. The size of the frame affects the rider’s posture and movements while he is pedaling on the road. To choose the right kind of frame size, you need to consider the upper body length, how broad your shoulders are and the length of the arm along with the inseam measurements.

You may be wondering that going to such hassles and troubles for the road bike sizing is simply too much trouble. But keep in mind that security is a factor along with enjoyment, when you are breezing along the road. It is always better to avoid accidents, isn’t it? This is the reason one should always take some time to research the correct road bike sizing for the individual requirements.

Getting handy with handlebars

The handlebars are very important while riding a bicycle on the road. Positioning your handlebar in an elevated position will give you a great view of your panoramic scenery as you ride along. But it is great for the cyclists who are on the road for the first time. For the expert bicyclists who like running along in the fast lane, ( pun intended), the lower handlebars are also great for enhancing speeds while riding. But the lower handlebar position can stress your arms and back as you would need to bend down. The nearby visibility is also obstructed as your position isn’t upright and chances of accidents are not to be ruled out. But choose the handlebar as per your requirements and enjoy the bicycle rides.

These are some of the required updates which can be needed for the road bike sizing for the individual bicyclists.



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