Do you know how to arrange the Pantry properly?

The key to have an organized pantry is that you should arrange all the things in the pantry carefully. Due to some vacuum sealer reviews, you can use save and wrap all the dry storage goods for many months with the vacuum sealer. If your pantry is not well organized, you will not find the freshly stored spices and grains. Or when you found it, it does not stay freshly anymore. It would be a bigger problem when you do not preserve it well.

Fortunately, now you can arrange your pantry well with these useful tips below.

You can maximize the space with Mini – Step Shelves

A well arranged pantry is all about the visibility. All people want to take the needed items quickly without hassle. It means that you should not place the jars, spices and cans one in front of others.

Instead of that, you can make some units of mini shelves to put your items in the different levels and you can see the label easily. This will be the great investment. You can use these mini shelves for the vacuum sealed spices and jams and for all the collected cans as well. Now, There is nothing easier than taking the basil and tomato sauce.

With all the opened items, you can vacuum seal it

One of the great methods to organize the pantry is to use the vacuum sealer because this machine will reduce the spaces that your bags will take up. Moreover, this machine can keep some opened items such as sugar, flour, cereals and pastas… more fresh and protect these items from insects for many months and years.

With the dried foods such as fruits, flour, sugar, granola and cereal, the perfect things to use is canister. If you can not finish the box of sugar before it becomes to stale, you can use the vacuum sealer to save its freshness and later use.

Arrange items by preparation and Type

One of the common missteps is that you often organize all pastas or all grains together. It is cause the confusion for you because you will begin to mix the instant – prep items or snacks with the lunch materials. Instead of that, you can organize items by what is it and how it is cooked.

You should group all the instant – prep items such as cookies, granola and other snack together. You should label the name boxes so that you can easily recognize these boxes. You can place the home – made items in the same group with a subdivision. By this way, you can put the box of cheese and instant noodles together with the snacks so that it will not mix to other pastas.

The meal preparation items should be stored in other areas of the pantry and you should divide it into categories. You should try to divide into some groups for examples:

  • Cooking oil and liquid
  • Herbs and all kinds of spices
  • Sauces
  • Grains and pastas

You should remember that the heavy items are easier to keep in the middle or bottom of the shelves. Therefore, you should put the cans under the herbs and pastas.

With the above tips, you have known how to organize your pantry properly, haven’t you? I must say that these tips are very easy to follow and apply on your own pantry. If you see your kitchen is messy, you can use these tips to arrange the pantry again. I hope that you will share these tips to you friends and family.

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