A CCTV security camera, unlike the cameras at home, generally comes with a fairly robust coverage designed to allow the device to be used outdoors, in any kind of weather. You can install and maintain a security camera outside your home without worrying about it being damaged by the elements – allowing you to watch the front of the house from room to room inside. A security camera is available from the security center service providers, and tools are likely already in your home.



Installation of CCTV security system

  • Trip the circuit breaker in the fuse box that powers the porch light. Remove the screws around the light fixture with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the porch light on the wall.
  • Exercises a hole in the wall to the left and above the porch light. Make the hole on the wall higher than a person can easily reach with a ladder.
  • Slide one end of a coaxial cable through the hole in the wall. Push the other end of the cable into the hole at the back of the cover of the CCTV security camera.
  • Remove the screws on the side of the case with the Phillips screwdriver. Separate up from down. Place the security camera in the background. Tighten the screws down the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera. Press the camera strands through the hole in the back of the merits of the case.
  • Put the end of the coaxial cable in the case to the coaxial output (“Video Out”) on the back of the CCTV security camera. Place the top box on the bottom of the case and replace the screws.
  • Mount the case with the camera inside, on the wall above the hole with the glass front of the case facing forward – use wood screws and screwdriver.
  • Strip 1/2 inch of insulation at the end of the two son attached to the camera with son strippers. Remove the nut and bolt ties wrapped around the twisted pairs of son tied to the back of the bright conservatory. Wrap the exposed end of the black wire from the camera around black twisted son. Wrap the exposed end of white thread around the twisted white son. Replace the screw and nut connectors on each twisted pair of son.
  • Mount the bright conservatory on the wall with wood screws removed earlier and the Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Run the coaxial cable down the inside wall of the house. Staple the wire to the wall with clamp clips and a stapler. Run the cable along the baseboard of the wall to get to the TV set that you will use to watch the video of the camera. Staple the cable on the plinth with staples of the flange and the stapler.
  • Place the safety receiver next to the TV. Plug the receiver’s power cord into a wall outlet. Thread the end of the coaxial cable in the coaxial cable input on the receiver.
  • Insert one end of a video cable into the video output (also labeled “Composite Out” in some cases) on the receiver. Insert the other end into a video input on the side or back of the TV.
  • Activate the TV remote control. Press “Menu” “System” and then “Video” –the exact names may vary because of the various TV manufacturers list their menu options.
  • Select the entry “video” that the video cable is connected to. Repeatedly press the “Menu” button until you return to the main menu and then pull out all menu settings. Restore power to the fuse box. The video of the CCTV security camera can now be seen on TV.

Maintenance of CCTV security system

  • Blow the CCTV camera lens periodically with a jet of compressed air. Apply lens solution on the edge of a lens cleaning tissue. Clean the lens with the edge of the fabric, with slow circular movements, from the center of the lens and end when you reach the other side. Clean the lens in the same manner, but this time with a dry point of the fabric.
  • Applying distilled alcohol at the end of a cotton swab. Rub the wet tip of the swab around the connection at the rear of the surveillance camera where the coaxial cable is screwed into the coaxial cable connection to dust and dirt. Brush your camera with a lens brush picture.
  • Place the jaws of a pair of pliers on the end of the coaxial cable where it joins the receiver connection. Twist clockwise the pliers to tighten the coaxial cable to improve connection. Stop turning the clamp once the resistance is felt.
  • Connect an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to the wall outlet. Unplug the receiver from the wall outlet and plug it into an electrical outlet on the UPS. The UPS now supplies the receiver having an operating power during an outage or if the power grid is down.
  • Remove the receiver’s video cable and a TV. Apply the alcohol distilled at the end of a cotton swab. Rub the wetted end of the swab over the metal ring and metal post that are at each end of the video cable to improve its connection. Place the end of the video cable to the receiver to the TV.

So now you have known how to install and maintain a CCTV security camera. Note that, you may have some difficulties in the working. In case you are worried, you had better call for specialist to ensure that your house is kept safe.

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