Certainly, all of you want to keep your house safe. In fact, there are a lot of methods to protect the house including:  door lock setting up, security camera installation, neighborhood relationship establishment, gateway consolidation, etc.  One of those methods, gateway consolidation plays an important role. Because, beyond the first impression you give to your visitors, it will take several missions: closure and security, thermal and acoustic insulation, a possible contribution of light. However, when you come to choose a gateway, there are a lot of question raised in your mind related to the style, safety, insulation, material, etc.  Let this article guide you to choose the most suitable one for your house.

choose your front door

The choice of materials (wood, PVC, aluminum, composite fiberglass)

All entrance door materials have specific strengths and characteristics in terms of safety, comfort or aesthetics. However, depending on your requirements, some materials will give you more satisfaction than others.


If you are looking for the charm and authenticity, the wood will be the suitable material. It ensures robustness and durability foolproof and further customization to the extreme (shapes, colors). However, it will require a more consistent and attentive service.


PVC is easy! No maintenance, very good insulation, a wide choice of color and a great price value. Although, choosing PVC is very simple, you should not forget to check before buying some features such as: is the door reinforced at 100% of the frame and sash? Is the panel also reinforced, in order to avoid problems of expansion and deformation sandstone seasons.


For added security, prefer aluminum, a solid material with insulating properties, however inefficient because of its conductivity. Some manufacturers however offer ranges adapted to extreme cold in thermal break for better efficiency.

Composite fiberglass

Last generation material, the composite fiberglass offers many combinations gateways. Dense and durable, this makes it an excellent insulator. Like other materials, it comes in many decorative finishes and a wide range of colors.

Many styles and finishes to suit all tastes

Although the front door is a fairly standard size, it comes in many types and styles with a variety of finishes:

The 3 main types of door:

  1. Full door massive and reassuring
  2. The semi glass door: compromise between clarity and security
  3. The glass door: aesthetics and light for more light

Everyone can then find his or her style, from the most contemporary to more traditional, with a tendency in recent years to design doors that become very real creativity objects. We play with windows in many formats (half moon, stained glass …), the overlay materials (moldings, nails, stainless steel, stone …), or the addition of screen printed motifs, reliefs and unbalanced lines .

Side finishes, the details will make the difference at first glance: the doorknob comes in many forms and styles. Authentic and surprising the knocker replace honorably classical doorbell, which can camouflage the traditional peephole. To make a marine atmosphere, the oculus will bring additional light to your input in the form of a porthole. Finally to round the outline of the door transom, moon or half-moon will give it a curved shape.

Technical performance adaptable to perfection

With 400,000 burglaries each year, security of goods and people has become a priority. On average, an intruder takes 3 minutes to break. Thus, the three-point closure has almost become a minimum standard, advocated also by insurance. But it is possible to select even more secure with the five-point locks coupled with other devices such as security bolts or high-security hinges reinforcements.

Decorative element is much appreciated, however, neglect the glazing. Several possible solutions: the insertion of an anti-proof glazing, security bars or more discrete, anti-intrusion film.

Other safety accessory to consider: the open device: it is a latch connected mostly by a chain which allows a door ajar safely.

In terms of locks, biometric security is a very effective method that works either by fingerprint or by mobile phone, connected to a home automation system.

As with any opening, if you attach great importance to the energy efficiency of your home, it will also pay particular attention to the insulating performance of your front door. Choose a model with a thermal coefficient less than or equal to 1.8 W / m2K. Check the quality thresholds, seals between the door and the frame. Make the choice of glazing at least equivalent to that of other windows in your home.

Another selection criterion: the acoustic performance. If you live in a particularly noisy area (road, school, factory), choose an acoustic door. it will be more effective to reduce background noise.

As you can see, the front door will reflect the personality you want to give your house according to your requirements and particularities. But before you rush to the shops, the best thing to do is to carefully analyze the environment of your home, as all the criteria listed here will determine the choice of your front door.

The glazing

Burglary, decoration, thermal, all of these choices are important.

When you choose windows, you need to choose a burglar-retardant door, at least doubles with enhanced thermal insulation around a wide range of decorations and effects such as opaque, mirrors, sanded, fusing, with stainless steel insert, etc. Customizing your windows will limit your imagination.

The Energy Saver

For insulation, the thickness of the frame and panel, peripheral joints and the mechanism put in place for their compression will be the points to check. For all-aluminum doors, be careful to choose a panel of at least 80 mm thick thermal break.


All personalization solutions are possible. You can customize your door based on the following recommendations:

  • Choice of colors and effects
  • Choice of shapes (arched, trapezoidal …)
  • Size and composition (lateral, transom …)
  • Threshold extra flat (disabled)
  • Handles, pull bars
  • Lock, integrated digital code, the fingerprint recognition, remote opening, cylinder with security card
  • Decorative LED Lighting
  • Close door

In general, although the front door is increasingly secure, the other openings are not always. For a truly protected home, consider the alarm system. And if it is connected to a monitoring service, you will have the guarantee of high-security protection.


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