Everyday life makes us to work against the clock almost all the time, that’s why the amount of time for cooking and preparing the meal is shortened very much. Therefore people are having the tendency of purchasing compact and modern kitchen appliances to solve the problem of lacking time for cooking. You certainly know the advantages a refrigerator can bring to your house and also how the best rice maker can help you prepare the meal perfectly. But sometimes you are confused because of the variety of appliances needing to buy. This article will provide you a brief look as this is a list of the most essential things according to its size and how it helps you in your kitchen stuff.

Rice cooker

Rice CookerWith a rice cooker, you just need to prepare the rice and wait for more than 30 minutes for a pot of white and tasty rice. The automated functions of this kitchen appliance help you to be free from waiting for the rice so that you can have more time to cook other dishes.

Another advantage of the rice cooker is that you can use the WARM mode to re – heat the dishes. You don’t have to worry if you can’t afford for a microwave because you can always use this function to make your meal mouth – watering and delicious even if it was cooked hours ago.


refrigeratorIt is one of the most basic kitchen appliances that any modern housewives certainly need to have inside the kitchen. It allows housewives to store and maintain the food in cold temperature so that the food will be fresh and healthy all the time. Kinds of meat such as beef, fish, pork is likely to be tainted after a certain amount of time in normal environment because of the temperature and the microorganism inside the air, so that the fridge is the place that provides the best way to store food for longer use.

If you can’t buy fresh food everyday from the supermarket, you can go shopping for the whole week on the first day of the week then store it in the fridge. You can also keep the cooked food there for the next you, but remember to re-heat it before using to make sure that the food is safe to use.


cabinetKitchen is considered the paradise of thousands of small and petty stuff from seasons, dishes, cups to cans, knives… If you don’t arrange them, it would take you even hours to find anything whenever you need. Cabinet is the best solution for you to store them in a certain order and find the thing you need right away.

Cabinet is also the place to store dry food because it is high from the floor so that the environment will always be dry and safe from animals like mice or cockroaches. Remember that those cabinets can’t clean themselves so that you should make some tidying and rearrangements regularly to give the best condition to this type of kitchen appliance.


microwaveAccording to scientists, microwave is an effective kitchen tool that saves up to three fourth the amount of time cooking and preparing daily meals. Apart from heating the frozen food, you can cook many simple dishes with just a microwave such as boiling the vegetable, cooking rice, frying fish and other types of meat, baking…

If you are a busy housewife who doesn’t have much time to prepare a big dinner for the whole family, this would be the best companion in the kitchen. You can just cook the food for the dinner in the morning the put them into the fridge and then in the evening, use the microwave to warm the food up. That’s how you can make the dinner in just half an hour!


dishwasherI know that many of you are tired of the pile of dishes and pans after the meal. Then the dishwasher is your truly hero! This machine helps you save time cleaning the kitchen and makes sure that your dishes are always dry and clean as new. According to the need of your family, you can choose the product from a simple one to multi – functional one. A dishwasher that has more than one drawer is the best solution to save water while using the machine of a small amount of cups and dishes.

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