My wife and I own a small house fairly safe area; however, to ensure my family safety I still want security cameras for my house. But we did not have so much money to spend on a high-end camera system so I decided to DIY it.

Choosing best on budget security camera system


I searched for blog posts and reviews from customers and experts on security cameras. I must admit that it was not a pleasant thing to do because there were so many of them. I was astonished on so many types of security camera that are sold in the market. There are so many options available for any kind and size of the house. A lot of them caught my eyes, but I had to choose which one was the best for both our house and our wallet.

Our house is small. So I had one camera for font door and one for the back door. I bought two dummy cameras for windows. Inside, I installed cameras in the living room, kitchen and my son’s room, each camera for every room. All of the cameras give black and white medium quality images, no audio and are wired cameras.

The two cameras at the front door and back door support night vision since many crimes are committed at night. They can capture images at the distance of 30 feet maximum. Image quality is medium but clear enough to identify a person if he/she comes close enough. Panning and zooming are available on both of them. Since they are for outdoor surveillance, I chose ones with wide angles lenses so that the cameras can monitor wider ranges. Even we were on a budget, I still chose weather resistant cameras for outdoor space so that we can use them in a long time.

For windows, I only used dummy cameras to able save money and still, to some extent, deter intruders. Those cameras have the red light, fake lenses and moving feature that make them look real. However, for sure I will replace them with the real camera for better protection when possible.

For indoor cameras, only the camera in my son room has night vision because we want to know his sleeping habit to make sure he sleeps well at night. The two cameras in the living room and kitchen can see in dim light but not in the dark. They are fixed camera so they do not support pan and zoom.

Videos recorder are streamed to a hard drive where the footage can be stored for a long time without taking so much space. This is much more useful and costs effective than using video cassette recording.

When you are on the budget, it is impossible to buy high-end or great quality cameras for your house. However, if you understand the scenario and your needs, you can still manage to a security camera system that best suit your situation. I would suggest go to professionals if you do not understand technology or are nor patient enough to go through articles and articles. Although DIY could save you a lot, if you make the mistake, you waste all your money.

A just-for-fun funny tip: You can get intrusion alert with a cheap price, a very motion and sound sensitive one. Having a dog. He will guard your house even in his sleep. And will alert you by noise when there is intruder trying to enter the house. He can even protect your family. So besides the security camera, have a dog!


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