best security cameras on the marketWe all know that observing cameras or security cameras are considered to be one of the main devices in preventing crimes, inspecting almost all processes in any factory and observing our private house. In other case, a lot of families use this device in order to follow their children while they are learning. When this kind of camera turned up, it was quite expensive so it was not popular. However, nowadays, we can find out the best security cameras on the market at reasonable prices. Thanks to its quick popularity, it is not too expensive for both individuals and organizations. Nonetheless, choosing to buy a good device is not too simple. It requires customers to analyze their condition and the product feature carefully. I have experienced some types of security cameras and I also have collected several tips and notes for selecting the device. In this article, I will give you the simplest instructions in terms of camera choosing.

1. Understand your requirements

It is obvious that all of us need to know what our demand is before we order any kind of goods. Before ordering a security camera, it is extremely significant to point out, analyze and appraise our demand. We all know that in the market today, there are a wide variety of cameras which are sold at different prices (some are just tens of dollars while some good ones are quoted at thousands of dollars). Of course, each type is suitable in some certain cases.

I have chosen this type of camera for several times so I can recommend you as follows.

In fact, by requirements of customers, the market has two types of security cameras: camera for private houses and camera for organization/ companies/ factories and so on. If you have the intention to buy a camera for the purpose of shielding your house from thieves and crimes then a compact and disguising camera is much more suitable. What is this camera look like? Well, in fact, the thieves can easily recognize the camera when they are about to break into your house. The first thing they do is to find out the position of the security camera and destroy it in order that there will have no evidence to accuse them. Therefore, a camera disguised may be effective. This camera is disguised to be some common objects such as a ball, a chocolate bar or an air hole. Even though it is disguised carefully, the thieves may recognize it if they observe thoroughly. However, they will not spend so much time analyzing the camera’s appearance. Disguising the camera like this or mounting it on difficult – to – recognize position such as on the slit of the door, upside down in the ceiling or in the doorbell. There are many positions for us to consider. That is about choosing an observing camera for private houses.

In terms of camera for organizations and companies, there should have both types. The first type is the normal cameras. Those cameras are placed in the most convenient positions to observe all the activities in a conference or in daily activities of those plans. Of course, everyone is aware of this system. In addition to this, there should have system of secret cameras which are located in public places but no one can detect them. This system will show all its functions and convenience when there is any suspicious

2. Care for specifications of the camera

When you are going to buy a security camera, you will have to take into account the following aspects.

  • The focal of the camera

To estimate exactly the camera focal, you need to measure the distance between the camera’s position and the space you want to observe. It will be more convenient to observe directly what the camera lens records on the computer. Based on the distance between target objects and the space you are about to observe, you can analyze all the images recorded and the related information to point out the most suitable focal length whereby you can see the images clearly.

  • The characteristics of the space

You know where you want to place the camera and you ought to analyze that space. In particular, the camera can be placed inside the house for a long time or outside, depending on your purpose. The camera chosen should meet the requirements anywhere it is located. In addition, the design of the camera needs to be in harmony with the design of the house. If you want to disguise the camera, you also have to pay attention to the general design of the house. One thing important is that the camera should be protected from rains and strong wind on the grounds that the raindrops and wind will make the lens blur and the images recorded may not be clear enough to see. This will be a good chance for thieves to break into your house.

  • The features of the camera

As usual, a security camera can give you images it records but the sound is hardly heard but nowadays, smart cameras are able to record the voice clearly. Besides, there are some types of cameras for observing in the darkness (in the evening and at night). In fact, to record the image, the light provided has to be bright enough. When it becomes dark, many people still have to turn on the light so that the camera can record the images. However, in the market, there are special cameras for observing at night without turning on the light.

In conclusion, equipping a security system in houses, shops, restaurants, factories and so on is extremely necessary but not all of us know how to pick out a suitable one. In this part, I have provided you with some reviews for buying an observing camera. I think that those reviews are useful for those who are intended to mount a security camera in their houses. In the next post in our blog, I will give you instructions to use this device in an effective way.

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