In fact, nowadays, there are a lot of choices for us in installing security systems. Of course, each system has different quality and security level, depending on the expenses you are willing to give to the system. Also, the system quality is subject to the number of security devices and the connection among those devices and all the gates receiving and spreading data. When we search for best security camera reviews, we may find out some differences between a traditional and a smart modern system. More interesting, it is very easy to point out brilliant strengths of the former. Today, we will help you analyze a smart system of security in your home with full details. best security camera reviews

  1. General information about the system

Some people who are in demand for a camera system have still made no sense of it. We can understand that without any conception about what they require from that system, they will drop into a trick of the bad seller and fake manufacturers. Therefore, follow our instructions.

To be defined, a camera system for observing is a system that comprises technical and digital devices connecting each other in order that the images are recorded and all the data will be transmitted to users through some media, typically television screen, computer, laptop, mobile phone. The most important point is what helps us to receive such data. Thanks to the internet connection at the high speed of transmitting, the data is processed quickly and transmitted conveniently.

  1. A list of required cameras

Everyone knows that any system consists of many devices otherwise it will not be called a system, so does the camera system. Obviously, based on the name of the system and the definition we provide above, you may guess what is included. To clarify, we will list all of the devices as bellows.

There is no doubt that a camera system consists of smart cameras. For a smart system such as the Analog system (that is considered to be one of the safest one nowadays), there are a number of cameras, depending on the security level of your area. A lot of organizations and companies are installing this system so as to increase the safety for their members and workers. In addition, wealthy families tend to have the system of cameras installed throughout their houses.

As usual, with a large house, there should have at least three – four cameras in order to ensure the security covering all the areas. More specific about the camera positions, the first one is installed in the outside gate; the second one is placed in the main door; the third camera is mounted in a secret corner and the last one is positioned in the floor. Now, we will give detailed explanations for those positions.

  • In the outside gate

With an outside camera, we can

Know who visit our houses regularly without any invitation

Point out the person who has doubtful activities near your houses, depending on the cover distance that the camera can catch

Detect the suspected people who climb the gate to break into the house

  • Door camera

With the second camera, it is easy to

  • Catch all the images more clearly of strangers, especially thieves
  • Get more data when the camera lens can be rotated to catch images under many different angels
  • Observe from the gate to the house door and even inside the house, in the back of the main door
  • Corner camera

A camera in a secret camera is convenient as it can

  • Grab the moment that thieves steal precious things
  • Keep all in secret so that thieves cannot figure out
  • Cover all the first-floor space
  • Floor camera

Indeed, it is also a corner camera but it is put in the second floor or in the third floor. With the help of this camera, we are able to

  • Figure out the thieves when they go on the stairs
  • Catch images even when thieves are at their most vigilance
  1. Smart image receiver

A smart image receiver is indispensable in a security system. With just some simple steps as instructed, we can finish the connection between the four cameras above and the receiver.

You know that the images that the camera supply cannot be sent directly to any devices for viewing on the grounds that all the receivers only accept processed data, not the original images. On the data receiver, there are many modes for users to choose to adjust the quality of the images they receive.

Furthermore, this device has the ability to analyze and aggregate all the images recorded by four cameras. After analyzing, images are converted to digital and numeric data. The next mission of the receiver is to transmit the converted data to final devices.

A normal receiver often has five gates that we have to notice:

  • Video input gate: to receive images from cameras
  • Video output gate: to transmit images to devices
  • Audio input gate: to receive voices and sounds
  • Audio output gate: to distribute sound signal
  • Mutual gate: to connect the internet and send both video and audio signals
  1. The modem

The modem is very popular and well known on the grounds that all families that use the internet will comprehend what the devices can help.

The modem is a device that receive internet signal from the original sources provided by the internet central and then distribute to computers or mobile phones.

However, in some cases, there are common problems with the connection as bellows.

  • The connection is interrupted
  • The connection is lost
  • The internet signal is not stable

These are three most common troubles. How can you figure out these matters? It is simple. Firstly, you have to know that on the modem, there are several lights and there are names to explain besides.

If the internet light disappears, you can understand that there is no internet provided. In other words, you encounter the second trouble. If the internet light often flickers, it means, the internet is interrupted. Finally, if the light is on and off automatically, it is the third trouble and you will experience unstable internet signal.

  1. Internet

Thanks to the modem, we have the internet to get all the signals from the receiver. You also know that without the internet, these signals cannot be transmitted to any device. Therefore, you had better not take the internet for granted.

In case, your house is broken into and the internet is lost, we are sure that it is very difficult to prevent all bad activities of the thieves on the grounds that you cannot observe anything from the camera.

However, with strong internet signal, it is very easy to receive data and watch them. In addition, if the internet is interrupted, your observing will be interrupted, too as the data is not transmitted continuously. Therefore, only with some more money, you can install better internet package for using.

  1. Devices for observing

There are two ways for observing.

  • Using television screen

In this way, there is no need to use the internet. There is a control for you to transmit all the data from the receiver. When you install a system, a television is required if you do not want to equip internet system. It is very easy to display the images on the screen of the television and you can turn on the television all day and night if it is put inside your room.

However, there is still inconvenience if you only observe the date through the television. The reason is that when you go out or when you come to the other rooms that do not have any television, you cannot observe your house. Therefore, you ought to equip the second set.

  • Using laptop and computers

With the internet, your laptop and the computer can receive the data very quickly without. However, the television can provide you data all the time while these devices can only display the images when the internet connection is good. However, the quality of the images will be better.

In installing all these devices, we have to note to install in the order above. All the cameras are installed first then the receivers and the displaying devices. Installing in this way will be much easier and help you understand the signal way from the source to the final destination.

As you can see a smart system is totally different from the other ones which only consist of one camera and one gate to analyze the signal. The analysis above gives us a lot of information and prediction for further development of this system in the future. Apart from this, you had a better note that nowadays, for a secure home, it is advisable to select to install a smart system as mentioned in this article. For easier choosing tips, we are willing to provide. Therefore, contact us as soon as possible.


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