There is no best security camera for you. Of course, I am not talking about the image quality or the technology or additional features. What I want to say is there is no best security camera for everyone, there is only the most suitable camera for each purpose, scenario, and financial situation. As I have security systems for both my house and my stores, I can assure you of this.Home_CCTV

Before going to a security firm for consultancy, I did some research on security system myself. I listed all of my expectations and needs from security cameras for my house and my stores. Then I read about types of the security camera, which features to pay attention to when choosing a security camera, which types and features of security camera are for stores, which is suitable for home protection and finally reviews and expert advice on my target security cameras.

After that, I came to some security firms to ask for their advice and consultancy. If you plan on spending a not-so-small amount of money on something, you’d better know a little bit about what you want. So about 3 firms suggested me some unnecessary costly security camera systems. The other two just gave me what I really need. I chose the one with better after sales services and supports.

My store is a small one and it is bookstore so I need a security camera system to monitor every bookshelf in the stores. Overall, my customers are nice but still, there are some book thieves. Especially, there are some rare old books in my bookshop so I have to be careful. So I have some dome cameras inside the store. I have wall mount dome cameras installed at the corners and one ceiling mount dome camera installed in the ceiling. Outside, I have one bullet camera to monitor what happens in front of my store.

With dome camera inside the bookstore, I have a whole view of the store. Moreover, the cameras are visible so they somehow deter people with bad intention. The firm I chose introduced me a kind of dome camera that its lenses movements are hard to recognize so if anyone wants to steal a book when the cameras are not staring at them may fail to know when it is the best time to commit the crime. The bullet camera outside is weather resistant. It is waterproof. The camera has a great viewing angle for the scenario in front of the store. All the cameras give clear, high-quality image. I only have audio recording feature available for the camera near the cash desk.

The security camera system I want for my home has better quality than the system at my bookstore. I have cameras at preferred entry points of intruders like the front door, side door, back door, windows, and some inside the house.

At the front door, we have a peephole camera that allows us to see who is knocking at the door before opening it. We also have dome cameras installed at the front door, side door, and back door. For off street windows, the guards are bullet cameras. They all have night vision, high-quality video capturing and waterproof and can capture image from a far distance. The cameras are installed to get in the sight burglars but out of their hands so that they can’t destroy the camera system. We have a basement that connect with the house so I decided to have a camera at the basement stairs. The security camera there can sense motion, even at night with infrared night vision.

Inside the house, we have cameras in the living room, kitchen and children room. They are ceiling dome security cameras and wall ceiling security cameras. Besides to prevent crimes, these cameras can work as monitoring tools when we are away and have to leave our children with baby sisters or someone else. We trust who we leave our children with but since they are our jewelry, we still want to make sure everything is good for them. Those cameras also have night vision and high-quality image capturing.

We also installed the smoke detector, heat detector and crying alert alongside the main security camera system. Any potential threats that can be early detected and prevented should be taken care of.

So as I said, in the beginning, there is no best security camera for you, for me or for anyone. There is only the security camera that is most suitable for your purpose, your avenue, and your finance. You can either choose and install the system yourself or let professional take care of it. But whichever option you choose, make sure you understand your needs and purposes so that you have what is the most suitable for you. Ask yourself: where do I want my cameras installed? Why do I want a camera at that spot? Which level of image quality I want (for each installing spot)? Is that additional feature really necessary for me? Can I afford this system? If not, which one should I get rid of or replace by a cheaper option? Can I install the system myself?

Having a security camera or a security system cannot assure 100% any crimes for anyone, no matter how high-end the system is. However, they can reduce the possibility that your family, your house, or your business will be attacked and harmed by criminals. Even when the money you pay for a system is considerable, it is necessary to have a security camera system to feel safer and to actually be safer.




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