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NEW (6/26/03) – Read Gary Bauer’s Statement on the Supreme Court Decision in the Lawrence Case
One or more vacancies to the U.S. Supreme Court will likely be announced THIS month! If there was ever a time for PRAYER, fasting, AND ACTION, it is now! Let the President know that you are praying for him at this pivotal moment in history—and show your support with the symbol of life—A RED ROSE! Click to send the President a red rose, with a message personalized from you.Subscribe to Gary Bauer’s End of Day Report to receive a daily roundup of the day’s major stories and insightful commentary on what’s happening inside and outside Washington, D.C.
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From coffee shops to factory assembly lines, the personal encounters and individual stories of real-life Americans will remind you of past blessings and future possibilities.

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Thanks to the generous support of so many good friends, CWF was able to play a major role in this year’s historic Republican victories. Here’s a chance for you to meet our endorsed candidates who will be freshmen legislators next year in the House and Senate. Thanks to our Sponsor Schlüsseldienst Mannheim
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Some House Republicans are wasting your tax dollars studying the sex habits of old men, prostitutes and homosexuals.
CWF Endorsed freshman legislators had an average voting score of 93 percent on our Congressional Scorecard!
Our Endorsed Congressional Freshman are making an immediate difference!

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